Meet Bill

Bill DeMora is seeking to be elected to the 25th State Senate district which comprises the following areas of Franklin County: Clintonville, Upper Arlington, Grandview Hts, South Linden, Italian Village, Victorian Village, OSU campus, and Northland.

Bill DeMora is one of the best known and highly respected political operatives in the United States.

Currently, Bill serves as Secretary of the Ohio Democratic Party and as a member of the party’s Central and Executive Committees.

Mr. DeMora has led numerous political campaigns across Ohio, as well as nationally, supporting candidates for municipal and state-wide office, as well as for the Ohio General Assembly.

In 2020, Bill finished working on his seventh DNC National Convention as he served once again as Ohio’s Convention and Delegate Director. He has already begun working on the 2024 DNC Convention.

Previously, Bill served as Executive Director of the Ohio Democratic Party and as Executive Director of the Ohio League of Conservation Voters.

He has also presided over several political, charitable, fraternal and alumni organizations at both the statewide and local level.

Bill is an honors graduate of The Ohio State University, and an avid fan of Buckeye sports.

I’ve been a Democrat my entire life! From the time I was five years old, walking and passing out literature for my father who was a councilman in my hometown, to me becoming President of the Ohio State and State of Ohio College Democrats, the Ohio Young Democrats, to being the Executive Director of the Ohio Democratic Party…to present…where I’m now proud to be YOUR candidate for the Ohio State Senate, District 25.